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9/19/11 Criminology Distribution of crime: Crime patterns- Scope of the crime problem (UCR data) - 11,250,000 index crimes 2007 (3370 per 100,000) - Murder rate of 6/100,000 is 5x the average rate for other 15 industrialized nations Scope of the crime problem (NCVS) - 22.9 million victimization - Violent crime rate nearly 5x that of the UCR - Property rate more than 4x that of the UCR Crime “clock” (UCR)- - Violent crime every 22 seconds - Murder every half hour - Rape every 6 minutes - Robbery every minute - Burglary every 15 seconds - Theft every 5 seconds More accurate crime clock- - Evening and nighttime hours are more crime - Weekends also have higher rates
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Unformatted text preview: Historical trends- -Comparisons to 13 th century England reveal rates that were 10 to 20 time as great as they are today-Crime rose markedly in 60s and 70s -Crime fell dramatically beginning in 1991 Regional Disparities- -Southern states- 37% of populations 41% of rapes 45% of assaults (UCR) -Northeastern states- 18% of population 15% of violent crime 12%% of property crime (UCR) -The NCVS indicated that the west has the most crime however Urban phenomenon- -Metropolitan areas have significantly higher crime rate than rural areas -Most violent crime, with the exception of rape, occur in public places (NCVS)...
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