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9/18/11 Criminology Discussion National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) 1984 20% of US population Created to address short coming in the UCR 1) Enhance quality, quantity and timeliness of crime data collected by law enforcement 2) Improve the methodology used for compiling, analyzing and publishing crime data Included detailed reports, crime circumstances, arrests data, and all other in depth information Agencies collect data, submit detailed reports of each incident- group A offences (murder rape robbery, serious whit collar crime), group B (minor white collar
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Unformatted text preview: crimes) Collects more data on more crimes more victims Not as representative of the whole country Only goes back to 1984 Demands a lot of law enforcement agency input Includes only crime reported to the police Self report data-Offender reporting on themselves through surveys -Short and Nye (1957) took 2 samples of kids to take a survey (good kids and bad kids) rates of delinquency were not that different -National Youth Survey (NYS) (1977)- followed one group of people over time -...
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