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criminology 4 - Victimization-Poor more likely that...

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9/21/11 Criminology *Test chapters -1,3,4,11* Sex/Gender- - Crime is a male driven phenomenon Race and Crime- - AA comprise 15% of the population, but 39% of arrests for violent crime and approximately 50% of homicides - Criminology is beginning to look beyond black/white differences and including Hispanics - Self-repot data undermine confidence in the arrest reports Social class and Crime- - Early link was well established using official record - Self- repot data challenges some of this evidence - There is an enduring connection between poverty and crime
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Unformatted text preview: Victimization- -Poor more likely that affluent to be victimized -Urban centers have higher rates -AA/Hisp. /White- greatest to least in personal victimization -Males more victimized than females -Teens have highest rates Patterns lead to Questions- -Why is the US so violent?-Why are there regional differences?-What accounts for the rural/ city differences?-Why are there gender differences?-What of the age differential?-Can any theory account for all there differences?...
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