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criminology 5 - -About committed by someone known to victim...

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9/26/2011 Criminology Chapter 11 Violent crime: Difficulty of relying on the legal definition of violence- - Some violence is approved- executions, war, self defense - Other types are prohibited- homicide, vigilantism Correlates of homicide- most reliable measure of crime- - 80% of victims and 90% of perpetrators are male - Most victims are young (18-24) - 90% of murders are intraracial - More than 50% occur in cities greater than 100,000 - 25% are victim precipitated - Victim-offender overlap (arrest records) - Roughly 85% committed by someone other than family member Sexual assault/rape- - Nearly exclusively female victim - Poor, young, non-married, non white, more likely to be victimized
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Unformatted text preview: -About committed by someone known to victim -Slightly more than are reported -About 70% of those arrested are white -Rates have need declining for last several decades Robbery- -Taking property by force or threat of force- I cant rob your house -Of arrested robbers- o 90% male o 60% under 25 o 50% black, 40%white o Impulsive and reckless Aggravated Assault- - Un lawful attack with the purpose of inflicting severe or aggressive bodily injury -Gun or knife often used, but hands/ feet can qualify-Accounts for more than 60% of UCR violent crimes -Offenders-o 80% male o 40% under 25 o 65% white o 33% black...
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criminology 5 - -About committed by someone known to victim...

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