Criminology 13

Criminology 13 - 10/24/2011 Criminology Social...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/24/2011 Criminology Social disorganization- some aspect in which rules and regulations of a neighborhood are disorganized Early development of the Chicago school- - 1860-1910- Chicagos population doubled every decade o Fueled by immigration o Ethnic nhoods (Bronzeville, little Italy, Chinatown) - Sociology at the University of Chicago o Staffed by academics with Protestant zeal, raised in rural settings Glossary of Early neighborhood approach- - Human ecology - Symbiosis - Natural areas - Vice districts - Interstitial- Instead of a focus on individual traits, this draws attention to societal influences Shaw and McKay - Invasion, dominance, (ethnic) succession - Zone II: zone of transition Social disorganization Characterized- Physical status o Condemned/dilapidated housing- Economic status o Low rents (low % own housing) o Poverty o High rates of infant death, TB, insanity, broken families- Population composition o High proportion of foreign born, (eastern, then western European), AA...
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Criminology 13 - 10/24/2011 Criminology Social...

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