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criminology 14 - wrong-Once this is accomplished...

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10/31/2011 Criminology Control Theories (Neo classical) Foundational Assumptions - Most theories, like biology, strain learning and labeling argue that individuals are compelled to engage in crime - These theories over determine or over predict crime - Control theory, however, argues that were all predisposed toward crime - The question is attempts to answer is, why do people conform to the law? Early Social Control Theories - Reiss “personal controls” (psychological restraint) - Jackson Toby “stakes in conformity” - F. Ivan Nye: Family as the locus of control o “Most delinquent” group Rejected by parents Given complete freedom or none at all Describe parents as irritable, difficult to please, abusive when things go wrong - Reckless:”inner and outer controls” Neutralization and Drift - The moral effect of the law must be made inert, it has an effect in defining right/
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Unformatted text preview: wrong -Once this is accomplished individuals can engage in delinquency and crime unencumbered -This helps an offender maintain a law abiding identity despite having violated Popular Neutralizations -Denial of responsibility (“accident”)-Denial of injury -Denial of victim (rightful retaliation- just desserts)-Condemnation of condemners (tagging victims as hypocrites)-Appeal to higher loyalties (family, peers) Travis Hirschi, Cause of Control -Social control theory emphasizes bonds formed with o 1) Family o 2) School o 3) Peers-4 elements of the bond o Attachment- emotional/affective bond, “psychological presence” o Commitment- rational component, consequences, those with nothing to lose can deviate o Involvement- “idle hands”, weakest element o Belief- in the moral worth of society’s law...
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criminology 14 - wrong-Once this is accomplished...

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