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criminology 15 - Zone 2 poor Suburbs Richer suburbs-Neo...

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10/31/2011 Criminology discussion Crimes Values - - Provides jobs - Allows for social change/ innovation With out the punishment we loose the benefits of crime - We need the punishment, but punishing crime is also hurting the benefits Social Disorganization - Early Chicago School – overload of immigrants – people keep on moving o Shaw and McKay o Voluntary mobility- people are moving up Heart of the city- no living
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Unformatted text preview: Zone 2- poor Suburbs Richer suburbs-Neo Chicago School I concentrated disadvantage o Projects o Poverty Disorder o Unemployment o Minorities o Female- headed households- men are in jail o Young o Coercive mobility- people are being removed (incarceration)-“Tipping point”- Coercive mobility - certain % of the neighborhood incarcerated, neighborhood is tipped into poverty...
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