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criminology 16

criminology 16 - means Criminality-Those with LSC will...

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11/02/11 Criminology Gottfredson and Hirschi- A general Theory of Crime - Only determinate on crime is a lock of self control - Locus of control moved from external relationships to an internal mechanism - Self control is established in childhood through parental socialization - It remains stable from the age of 8 until death, its an enduring trait Parental Influence - Parents instill self- control in at stage process o Supervision- parents must be present o Recognition- deviance must be acknowledges o Punishment- cannot too harsh however Attributes of Low Self Control - Elements of Self Control o Here and Now orientation- impulsive o Lack of diligence, tenacity, or persistence, short sighted o Unstoppable relationships o Self centered, indifferent, insensitive to suffering, unkind, anti social o Tend to pursue immediate pleasures o Minimal tolerance for frustration o Little ability to respond to conflict through verbal rather than physical
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Unformatted text preview: means Criminality -Those with LSC will commit crime but also engage in “ analogous behavior” o Poor education and employment history o Bad credit o Accident prone o Smoke, drink, risky sexual behavior-Crime is gratifying and requires few skills to engage in -Crime is not specialized Life- Course Theory (Sampson and Laub) -Continuity (trajectories) and change (turning points) across the life course -Often referred to as age- graded social control -Marriage, school, work, military are institutions that provide turning points The Desistence Process 1) Knifing off the past from the present 2) Providing supervision, monitoring, and opportunities for social support and growth 3) Bring change in and structure to routine activities 4) Provide an opportunity for identity transformation - This introduces the idea of agency (volition, will, choice)...
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criminology 16 - means Criminality-Those with LSC will...

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