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criminology 17 - Stress caused by difference between...

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11/07/2011 Criminology Robert King Merton - Birth name- Meyer Robert Sckolnick - Anomie - 1938- Social Structure and Anomie o 2 primary crime patterns: o 1- Why is the US different from every other country in terms of our high crime rate o 2- Why is crime class based, why do those who are impoverished tend to commit more crime o Reasons/ Explanations: o Societal pressures cause crime to occur- Obtain wealth o Weak regulations on how the goals should be met o Adaptations Culture Goals Institutionalized Means Conformity + + Innovation + - Ritualism - + Retreatism - - Rebellion +- +- Albert Cohen, Delinquent Boys - Juveniles engage in delinquency that is malicious - Status frustration- youth can not measure up to middle class standards -
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Unformatted text preview: Stress caused by difference between ascribed and achieved stress -Solution- create alternative subcultures -Collective response to individual problems Cloward and Ohlin, Delinquent and Opportunity -Gang adaptations defined by- neighborhood and characteristics -Illegitimate opportunities differ too- o Criminal Could flourish in organized crime o Conflict Little or no illegitimate opportunity structure o Retreatist Double failures (drugs) Policy Solutions -Mobilizing for Youth – War on poverty-Program organized by Lloyd Ohlin emphasized o Improving educations o Creating work opportunities o Organizing lower class communities -Dramatize failure- unable to overcome opposition...
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criminology 17 - Stress caused by difference between...

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