criminology8 - o Used the newly invented correlation...

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10/10/2011 Criminology Biological Influences on Criminality Advancing beyond Classical Criminology- - Classical theory assumes that criminal and non criminal are alike (both think similarly) - The birth of science and positivism challenges this notion o Forces beyond ones control led to criminology o Insistence on finding characteristics unique to criminality o Emphasis on objective measurement Precursors of Biological Criminology- - Physiognomy (face) - Phrenology (skull-“bumpology”) - Phineas Gage Birth of Biological Criminology – - 1859 Darwin’s Origin of Species outlined evolutionary theory - Cesare Lombroso, Italian prison physician o The “born criminal” o Atavism- biological throwback o Measured numerous physical attributes like sloping forehead, shoulders, ear placement, skull size, arm/leg/jaw length - Problem- determinism (if you fit character profile nothing can be done, you are destined to commit crime) Criticism of the theory - Charles Goring’s The English Convict
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Unformatted text preview: o Used the newly invented correlation coefficient o On several dimensions students at Cambridge cored higher on criminogenic factors than did those incarcerated o Problem: biological criminology failed to account for a variety of social factors that influenced criminality Nevertheless, further development -Somatotyping: ecto/meso/endo-Everyone ranked 1-7 on these -Mesomorph physical characteristics: heavy chest, predominance of muscle, motor organs, large wrist/hands (athletic built) -Corresponding temperament: assertive and aggressive Genealogical Studies- Early Genetics -The Jukes- 1000 descendants (280 paupers, 60 thieves, 7 murders, 140 criminals, 40 VD victims, 50 prostitutes)-Kallikak families- 2 marriages with different outcomes o “Feebleminded barwench” (480 descendants- 24 alcoholics, 8 ran brothels, 3 criminals, 3 epileptics) o “Respectable women” (nearly all described as “normal”)...
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criminology8 - o Used the newly invented correlation...

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