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criminology11 - -This produces “social solidarity” o...

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10/17/2011 Criminology Intellectual Backdrop - Thinking inspired by two major events o French Revolution o Industrial revolution - Elemental concepts o Mechanical solidarity (uniformity) o Organic solidarity (diversity/division of labor) - Gemeinschaft (community)/Gessellschaft (society) Functionalism Defined - Crime is ‘normal”, it serves a valued social purpose - No society has existed crime free - “Imagine a society of saints. .”(p 119) The Purpose of functionalism - Crime is to be regulated and controlled, not eliminated - Crime and deviance are continually refined o Defining deviance up (more restrictive law) o Defining deviance down (more permissive law) - Constant balance achieves between deviants and conformists Normalization Aims
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Unformatted text preview: -This produces “social solidarity” o Normality is defined through a contrast with criminality/deviance-The practical benefit is in managing work load -Benefit society through allowing for innovations/adaptation o MLK o Gandhi o American revolutionaries -Otherwise individuals would be “pathological over controlled” Durkheim’s Legacy -Social disorganization (Chicago school)-Anomie/Strain theory o Anomie is “normlessness” taking place amid social or economic upheaval -Control theory -Sociological insight- the sum is greater than the tally of the parts o Group dynamics are essential to understanding behavior, individual characteristics are only part of the story...
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