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criminology12 - Personality-Gluecks(1950s found delinquents...

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10/17/2011 Criminology Discussion Determinism- pre determined to commit crime- your future is preset for you based on your genes Intelligence- - Assumption- Criminals are less intelligent - Feeblemindedness- mental retardation, social awkwardness - Intelligence testing- Binet invited the concept of a “mental age” o Argued that intelligence could be changed - Intelligence quotient- Stern - Goddard- gave IQ tests to inmates o Said all Feebleminded people were potential criminals Rejections- - WWI- army draftees and criminals had the same IQ test results - Race- racial minorities were scoring lower on IQ tests Hircshi and Hindelang - Offenders typical score lower on IQ tests
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Unformatted text preview: Personality- -Gluecks (1950s)- found delinquents were aggressive, distructive, impulsive -Personality tests (60s/70s)- o Agreeableness- criminals score low o Consciousness- criminals score low -Personality disorders o DSM IV o Different from mental illness o Anti social personality disorder- disregard for others, related to criminality R/K theory- species goal is to reproduce -R- species with short life span, no family unit, reproduce in large quantities -K- reproduce small quantities, family unit -Cad (R)- “Fake” proves masculinity by fighting, steeling- just to produce -Dad (K) - wants to be a good provider, help raise children...
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