criminology18 - -Accommodation o Employers resist family...

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11/14/2011 Criminology Criticisms of Early Anomie Theory - Does just a good job of explaining conformity - 50s and 60s booming economy yet more crime - Low expectations and low aspirations is associated with crime Crime and the American Dream - Institutional Anomie Theory - Messner and Rosenfeld argue that o Achievement orientation dominates Self-worth determined by net worth- non monetary aims diminished Earn at any cost No stopping point to earning o Individualism id the means Success to be earned by oneself Others are competitors Everyone expected to compete Restraints - Social institutions are designed to maintain norms and values in order to regulate conduct o Economy o Polity/Electorate o Education o Family - Currently there is an institutional imbalance in power 3 Stage Process of Economic Ascendency - Devaluation o Homeowner, not homemaker, has valued role o Being a good student is not prestigious
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Unformatted text preview: -Accommodation o Employers resist family leave/stay at home dads o Schooling sought to get a good job -Penetration o Belief government is good of rum like a business o Movement of women into workforce o Teaching to the test in schools General Strain Theory -Individuals pressured into crime -3 sources of strain o 1) Prevent/threaten to prevent the achievement of positively valued goals o 2) Remove/ threaten to remove the achievement of positively valued goals o 3) Present/ threaten to present negatively valued stimuli-Crime is one alternative to alleviating frustrations-This results from negative emotions, primarily anger GST Elaboration -Crime/ Delinquency more likely of strain is- o 1) High in magnitude o 2) Unjust o 3) Associated with low social control-Type of Strain o Objective o Subjective o Vicarious o Anticipated-Neighborhoods...
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criminology18 - -Accommodation o Employers resist family...

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