criminology21 - Criminology Societal Reaction(labeling...

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12/05/2011 Criminology Societal Reaction (labeling theory/ perspective) Assumptions of the Perspective - Individuals lack agency o Criminality as refined- the criminal is not the focus o explanation o Critical of positivist assumptions - Context is supremely important - Explaining initial acts of deviance not as essential; as focusing attention on the reaction of authorities - Those fitting particular stereotypes are selected for additional CJ attention - Popular in the 1960s in the wake of 1968 DNC riots in Chicago, Watergate, Civil Rights Movement o Presaged that rebirth of deterrence doctrine Philosophical Underpinnings and Early Efforts - Symbolic interactionism o Looking glass elf o Constant reappraisal, iterative process - Definition of the situation o If men define situation as real they are real in their consequences - Dramatization of evil o Gradual shift from the definition of the specific act as evil to a definition of the individual as evil - Legal relativism o Nothing inherently wrong with a particular act
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criminology21 - Criminology Societal Reaction(labeling...

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