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crimonology 9 - -Not typical offenders Classical School of...

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10/10/2011 Criminology Discussion White- Collar crime defined - Two competing definitions o 1- Restricted to the class position of people who commit certain kinds of offences (corporate and banking executives) o 2-Applied to the offences themselves, regardless of who the perpetrators are (abusing you position in a company for personal gain) White- collar crime/criminals- - Criminals don’t stand out as much - Premeditated- a lot of thought - More private/ secretive - Powerful, affluent, middle-aged men
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Unformatted text preview: -Not typical offenders Classical School of Criminology --Deterrence – o Deter people from committing crime o Brutalization of crime o Harsh punishment causes crimes to loose severity -Routine activities o Theory of opportunity- Cohen and Felson o 3 things to converge in order for crime to occur 1- motivated offender 2- lack of a capable guardian 3- suitable target -Rational choice o Costs vs. Benefits o Thought process of crime...
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