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crimonology7 - -First scientific approach to crime fruit if...

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10/5/2011 Criminology Classical Criminology (Vold chapter 2) - Deterrence or Rations choice theory Pre modern understanding of criminality - Demonic perspective - Crime resulted from supernatural forces - Crime conceived of as sin - Theological understanding of its cures - Corporal punishments for wrongdoers o Burning alive o Exorcism to purge evil spirits o Branding o Ostracism/Banishment The legal environment - Arbitrary and capricious justice - Sentence often depended on one’s social status - Corruption was a problem - Judges had wide discretion in applying as much law as would suit their interest *An essay on crimes and punishments - *** Cesare Beccaria- deterrence - Revolutionary document o Informed the US constitution o Banned by the Vatican
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Unformatted text preview: -First scientific approach to crime- fruit if the enlightenment -Ideas are at the foundation of nearly all modern criminal justice The philosophy of classical theory -Thomas Hobbes and the social contract -Man is assumed to be a rational actor- utility maximizer Classical theory defined -In order to deter crime penalties must be made known and applied with o Swiftness o Severity- imposed with just enough cots to out way the benefits of crime o Certainty- *most important Aimed at general and specific deterrence Classical theory in our legal institutions -Mesn rea and actuse reus -Right to a speedy trial -Law is to be applied equally -Punishment designed to fit the crime, not the criminal...
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crimonology7 - -First scientific approach to crime fruit if...

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