110Sp07syllabus - HST 110 U.S. SINCE 1865 Dr. Karin Enloe...

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HST 110 U.S. SINCE 1865 Dr. Karin Enloe Online Section 35888, https://myasucourses.asu.edu/ Arizona State University Spring 2007 Office Hours: N/A Help/General Questions Technical questions can be answered in a couple ways. The first way to ask general questions about quizzes, the class, etc. is to post a question on the course discussion board. Often many students have the same questions and I will try to address general questions there – so be sure to read the discussion board. The second way would be to contact ASU’s online help directly at myasu-q@asu.edu . It is their job to help you and they are usually fast at responding to technical questions and are very helpful. Specific questions/Contact Info Specific questions that are personal in nature (such as specific questions about grades) can be directed to me or our class’s teaching assistant, Marco. We will try to respond within 24 hours. In order to receive a meaningful response, please read the syllabus or discussion board before asking questions, write clearly and “sign” your e-mail. It is also helpful to include HST 110 in the subject line of the e-mail just in case spam blocker catches your message. Dr. Enloe - enloe@asu.edu or Karin.Enloe@gmail.com , (602) 329-5208 (Message phone) Marco Cabrera-Geserick - mcabrer2@asu.edu Course Introduction This session we will explore American History from the end of the Civil War to the present, looking for themes, trends, and the many experiences of the American people. Required Readings Murrin, et al. Liberty, Equality, Power Vol II , Concise Fourth Edition, Thomson Wadsworth, 2007. o This text starts with Chapter 17 because it is the second volume of what would be a full text covering 2 semesters of American history. ThomsonNOW o The text is packaged with a code that will allow you to have access to the publisher’s online study materials and added resources that are required for this class. The new textbook purchased from ASU’s bookstore comes with this already packaged. That means that the new version of the text is less expensive than the used version. See the link for ThomsonNOW in Blackboard and sign up. Students will create an account and then they will be prompted for the content code and course key. The content code is packaged with the text. The course key is E-2MJ9E3475ST3C. o If for whatever reason you purchased the book from another source or purchased the used version of the text, you will need to go to the publisher’s website and purchase access to ThomsonNOW. ( http://ecatalog.thomsonlearning.com/110/lpext.dll? 1
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). Make sure this is for the Murrin book, ISBN 0495220787. It might look a little different than the one you purchased as the book is a full year’s worth of information and it is the full version of the text, and we are using the concise or abbreviated version of it. o
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110Sp07syllabus - HST 110 U.S. SINCE 1865 Dr. Karin Enloe...

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