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Careers in Law - Undergraduate Careers in Law Career Paths...

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Undergraduate Careers in Law A concentration in law can prepare you for a variety of career paths. Individuals must have a thorough understanding of the complexities of legal issues as related to the business environment. Therefore, some students will chose to have a dual concentration in law and another area. For some students who are considering law school, a law concentration is a great way to explore this interest. However, additional career paths are present outside of law school. If you find the introductory law course and legal issues intriguing, the rigorous mental training of law may be for you. Strategies to explore law careers There are a variety of ways to explore your interest in law and to integrate this interest into your career path: Secure an internship or part-time job in the legal field during the summer or during the academic year. This will build your resume, provide you with hands-on experience in your concentration and increase your competitiveness when seeking full-time employment. Conduct informational interviews – Talk to law professionals and professors to learn more about job-related activities and steps for enhancing your candidacy as an applicant. Talk to recent graduates to
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Careers in Law - Undergraduate Careers in Law Career Paths...

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