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Careers in Marketing

Careers in Marketing - Undergraduate Careers in Marketing...

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Undergraduate Careers in Marketing POSITION YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS Recruiters look for strong oral and written communication skills, problem- solving ability, teamwork, and creativity. Familiarity with social media is also important, as well as proficiency in Adobe software for design-related positions. Seek internships, part-time jobs, or other experiences or projects in which you perform tasks such as sales, advertising, or promotions. Read relevant trade journals and publications to keep current in your field such as Marketing News and Journal of Marketing. In team projects, lead the marketing or promotions section. Join clubs and professional organizations such as the BU Marketing Club. Students who want to pursue a career in advertising sometimes minor in advertising through the BU School of Communication or take courses through that school. Attend events such as Careers in Marketing and information sessions with marketing companies or agencies. Check CareerLink for a calendar of events. Network, network, network. Conduct informational interviews with BU alumni and other marketing professionals.
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