Exam 1 study sheet - Below I have provided the details from...

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Below I have provided the details from an experiment or I have given you a very specific topic. You will see this experiment and topic during the essay portion of the exam. Please notice that there are no questions in this document. The question(s) will be provided during the exam. Questions involving this material will seem tricky if you are not prepared. Ask yourself, "How many things could he ask about this experiment or about this topic?" What techniques do I need to understand? If you think of all of the nasty and hard questions that I could ask about this stuff then you will be well-prepared. Imagine all of the possible biological meanings of the experiment. When you are memorizing facts - ask yourself what experiment was performed to demonstrate this. An easy question for me to ask is how something was shown to be true. During the exam I will give you the questions. You may realize that you just don't remember a particular experiment. If this happens to you then I encourage you to make it up. You might be right. Furthermore, I will probably accept a plausible experiment as an answer even if historically the experiment was not performed that way. Then imagine what control experiments are required. If this seems really easy then you have not done it properly. Feel free to study to discuss this study sheet with other students. I think that study groups are a great idea and that talking about the material helps you to learn it. However, avoid broadcasting your answer to the entire class. I won't like that and I will probably just make the exam harder.
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Exam 1 study sheet - Below I have provided the details from...

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