070905ReviewEx1-2 - Review for BIO 126L Exam 1 Sample exams

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Review for BIO 126L Exam 1 Sample exams http://www.sbs.utexas.edu/psaxena/ KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THESE LABS 1-3 Pre Lab - Review guidelines for safety Review cleanliness and safety, cleaning up a spill Disposal of different wastes like biohazard waste, non-biohazard waste, glass, etc. Lab1 Microscopy 1. Microscope: its use and care. 2. Two kinds of lenses: OBJECTIVE LENS OCULAR LENS or eyepiece 3. Total magnification of microscope = magnification of objective lens X magnification of ocular lens. 4. Resolution = wavelength / 2 X Numerical aperture of objective lens. Definition and calculations and unit of resolution. 5. Oil used with 100X objective in order to let more light from the specimen to pass into the objective lens. This is because oil has a refractive index very similar to that of glass ( 1.52 ) and so light passing from the slide through the oil does not bend much. 6. Greater the magnification of the objective lens, smaller the focal length, working distance, width of field and depth of focus. So there is an inverse relation between magnification and all the other features. 7. Parfocal means a set of lenses whose focal points lie in the same plane, which implies that you need minor adjustments when shifting from one lens to the other. 8. UNITS of MEASURE 9. Mixed cell suspension. 10. Top ten microscope problems Lab 2 Pure culture and Gram staining 1. Complex medium: has a complex organic nutrient source such that we don’t know its exact composition. It allows many different organisms to grow in it. Examples: Chemically defined/ Synthetic medium is made of exact known components exact composition is known, it allows fewer, specific kinds of organism to grow in it. Examples: 2. Oblique light microscopy : to study colony morphology - know the differences between the two techniques
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070905ReviewEx1-2 - Review for BIO 126L Exam 1 Sample exams

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