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Microscopy lab - magnifications because the cells did not...

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Heather Oslund 9-8-08 2-5 Tue BME 2.106 Desk #16 Microscopy lab - Lab 1 Purpose To learn how to properly utilize a light microscope and to understand magnification and resolution of the light microscope through observation of various cell types with the different objective lenses. Discussion The use of multiple cell types for observation at different magnifications was very helpful to see how much of a difference each objective actually made in the ability to observe cells. The difference between the 10x and 40x objectives was much greater than that between the 40x and 100x objectives. Even with the largest of the observed cells (the epithelial cells) the 10x did not adequately show detail of this cell type. There was also a marked difference between wet slides in comparison with the dry, smear slide (of Bacillus cereus ). The smear was much easier to observe at different
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Unformatted text preview: magnifications because the cells did not move around as the wet slide cells did. As a result, I am not sure that the same object was observed at the different magnifications in the wet slides. Overall this lab was very beneficial for me to learn the basic use of the microscope, since I have not had this experience before. I also appreciated the ability to observe different cell types and believe this will be very valuable in the future. Therefore, I believe that all aspects of the purpose of this lab were met. Assigned Questions Q2) I do not think that further technology will likely be able to allow us to see viruses (30-150nm) with a light microscope because the smaller lens aperture that would be required for that magnification would not allow adequate light through to be able to view the image....
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