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Xbox 360 and PC Connection Flashing VCC Switch Method (requires soldering) Xbox 360 and PC Connection Flashing Updating Firmware Method 1 – Firmware Overwrite Method 2 – The “make” Command Method 3 – Repeat Process Disabling FirmGuard Restoring to Original Firmware Hitachi Opening The Xbox 360 Xbox 360 and PC Connection ModeB Slax CD 2-Wire Trick Connectivity Kits Hotswap Boot Flashed Drive With an Open Tray ModeB Indicators Detecting The Drive in Windows Version 46/47/59 Drives
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Unformatted text preview: Downloading The Firmware Restoring The Drive (if previously flashed) Flashing The Drive Version 0078FK Drives Version 0079 Drives Method 1 Modchip Method 2 Using an External Programmer Making Backups of Your Xbox 360 Games Using a Kreon Drive Using the Xbox 360 Samsung Drive WxRipper Method Verifying Game Images Bitsetting to DVD-ROM Burning With IMGBurn Burning With CloneCD Downloads Thanks...
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