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Warnings The Xbox 360 firmware hack may be illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (United States), the European Union Copyright Directive (Europe), or other copyright laws in your country. Downloading, installing, and using this firmware could potentially be illegal. You are doing so at your own risk. Copying or downloading games that you have not legally purchased or own is illegal in all countries. This violates not only laws in your own country, but international copyright laws as well. The purpose of the firmware hack is for making backup copies of games that you legally own. Software piracy is illegal, carries a huge penalty if convicted, is ethically wrong, and hurts the game companies. Support the game developers by purchasing the games you play. You wouldn’t work for free, would you? Using this firmware hack and running your backups on Xbox Live violates the Xbox Live Terms of Service agreement that you agreed to when you signed up for the online gaming service. Microsoft withholds the
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