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SATA Compatibility Before you go taking apart your Xbox 360, you might as well make sure you have the right equipment to flash your drive. The Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drive uses a Serial ATA (SATA) interface, so you will need SATA ports on your desktop PC’s motherboard. The picture below shows what a SATA port looks like. Having SATA is not enough though; you must have the right kind - the chipset that controls the SATA functions must be compatible with your version Xbox 360 drive. Samsung MS25 Samsung MS25 drives can be flashed with many SATA chipsets. Silicon Image, Promise, and NForce2 chipsets are known to NOT be compatible for flashing Samsung drives. There are possibly more that cannot flash a Samsung MS25. Intel ICH5/6/7/8 chipsets, NForce 3/4, SiS, Uli, Jmicron, and VIA chipsets are all known to be compatible – others may also be.
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Unformatted text preview: You cannot flash a Samsung drive using a SATA-to-USB adapter. If you are unsure whether your SATA is compatible or not, the best advice is to just try it out. If the SATA isnt compatible, the drive wont be recognized. You wont brick your drive if the SATA is incompatible, it just wont work so youre not losing much by just trying out what you already have. If you do not have SATA or yours is incompatible, you should look into purchasing a VIA VT6421 PCI card. You can find links to retailers here . Samsung MS28 Samsung MS28 drives can be flashed using two methods, the VIA bad-flash recovery method and the VCC method. You are best off purchasing a VIA brand card to do the bad-flash recovery method. You can find links to retailers here . Even with the VCC method, you would need a chipset...
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