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compatible with MS25 drives, since the VCC method is the equivalent of temporarily “dropping down” to MS25. It is just easier and safer using a VIA brand SATA chipset. You cannot flash a Samsung drive using a SATA-to-USB adapter. Hitachi 46 / 47 / 59 These “older version” Hitachi drives can be flashed with basically all SATA chipsets. It should work as long as the SATA supports ATAPI devices (optical drives). Another good thing about these drives is they are the only Xbox 360 drives that can be flashed with a SATA-to-USB adapter. The cheap generic one I bought on eBay worked fine. Hitachi 0078FK These drives can be flashed by most SATA chipsets. Silicon Image SATA chipsets will NOT work; they corrupt the data and will give you an error. Attempting to flash this drive with a SIL chipset could brick your drive. Also, in rare cases, there are reports that VIA chipsets have problems with some version 78 drives. Personally, my VIA 8237 is iffy. I have to play with it for a while until I get it to read the drive.
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Unformatted text preview: Shorter SATA cables seem to help with my setup. Many other chipsets should work fine. VIA SATA Just some notes about users of VIA SATA chipsets. This is for both onboard chipsets (like the 8237) as well as the PCI cards (6421). A common problem is detecting the drive with MTKFlash with VIA chipsets. For some reason, many people have this problem when using the external ports on the VIA SATA cards, or the 1 port if using internal. What seems to work best for most people is always using the primary 0 SATA port. On the PCI SATA cards, this is almost always an internal port. If there are multiple internal ports, use the port closest to the front of your PC. If you still cant get the drive detected, you can try pk-s suggestions . Also, the latest VIA SATA drivers are available here . When you run through the installation wizard, uncheck (dont install) the VIA RAID Tool. Just install the drivers....
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