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Booting From USB You will need to configure your computer’s BIOS to boot from USB. Not all computers or BIOSes support booting from USB. Since all BIOSes are different, I can’t give you word-for-word instructions for doing this part. Your best chance of figuring out if your BIOS can boot from USB, and how to check the settings is to use a search engine and search your motherboard model number and terms like “USB boot”. Generally, the steps you need to follow should be similar to something like this:
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Unformatted text preview: When you power up your computer, you should see somewhere telling you to “Press [key] to enter setup” In this example, the key to hit is DEL (delete). So hit whatever key it’s telling you and you may see something like these following pictures. For my particular BIOS, I need to go Advanced BIOS Features > Boot Sequence, and then I can select the flash drive as the primary boot device. F10 to save and exit, which should work with all BIOSes....
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