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iPrep (NTFS4DOS CD) The following process will set up an NTFS partition (your Windows hard drive) with everything necessary to read your original firmware and write the hacked firmware onto the drive. One thing you should realize before starting is that NTFS4DOS has been known to have some problems with partitions larger than 32gb. You can try going ahead and using your large partition, but if you experience problems or just want to make sure it will work, you should make a small, logical, primary partition using something like Partition Magic or a Gparted live cd . We will use iPrep to automatically detect your SATA port and copy the required DosFlash and hacked firmware files onto it. First, you need to make sure Microsoft .NET Framework v2 is installed. It is needed for iPrep to run. If you do not have this installed, you will be prompted to download and install it. Second, you need to make sure the drivers for your SATA chipset are installed. Use either the CD that came with your computer/SATA card, or
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Unformatted text preview: use the manufacturers web site to install the latest drivers. The latest drivers for VIA chipsets and Windows XP are here . Once you have that taken care of, you can download and install iPrep. Klutsh updates iPrep frequently, the latest version is always available on his website at http://www.x-projects.org or on xbins in: /XBOX 360/firmware/firmware tools/iPrep 101/ The download is in the form of a RAR archive. Use WinRAR to extract all the files to a new folder and run the installer to install iPrep. Next we will update Firmtool to the newest version which is 1.2. There are many improvements from 1.1 to 1.2 so it is recommended to update before formatting your drive with iPrep and flashing. To do this, download Firmtool 1.2 from here and extract the firmtoolv1.2.rar file. Then replace the firmtool.exe file in the folder below with the new one from the rar file. C:\Program Files\X-Projects\iPrep 101\Resources\Tools...
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