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iPrep (Floppy) Quick warning about floppies. Lately, people have been bricking their drives by using floppies. They are unreliable and can die mid-flash. Sometimes the person is lucky and the bad flash recovery method can be used to reflash the drive. Others needed to hotswap and use the bad flash recovery. Floppies are old technology for a reason. They are very unreliable. Please try to refrain from using a floppy. If you can use a bootable USB stick or burn an NTFS4DOS CD, do that instead. If you absolutely must use a floppy, use a new one! The following process will set up a bootable floppy disk with everything necessary to read your original firmware and write the hacked firmware onto the drive. We will use iPrep to automatically detect your SATA port, format the floppy, and copy the required DosFlash and hacked firmware files onto it. First, you need to make sure Microsoft .NET Framework v2 is installed. It is needed for iPrep to run. If you do not have this installed, you will be
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