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eSyllabus San Antonio College ARTC1302 007 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: Media Communications ABBOTT, GREGORY Digital Imaging I 77098 2 4 Department: Instructor: Phone: Email: OfficeLocation: Course Title: CRN: Lec. Hrs. per wk: Lab. Hrs. per wk: Credit Hours: Digital imaging using raster image editing and/or image creation software: scanning, resolution, file formats, output devices, color systems, and image-acquisitions. Course Description (e-catalog): None PREREQUISITES, CO-REQUISITES and OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Photoshop CS5 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide 2010, Peachpit Press Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas ISBN: 978-0-321-70153-4 Instructors Class Website: TEXTBOOKS (including ISBN#) and REQUIRED MATERIALS/RECOMMENDED READING: The course and method of instruction has two major components: lecture and hands-on lab projects. Projects will be completed using the following steps: Assignment sheets (or verbal instructions) describe the project requirements, objectives and deadlines Examples are shown, alternatives and problems are discussed Steps for finishing the projects are outlined Individual instruction and assistance is given at regular intervals Finished projects are analyzed and critiqued by the class and the instructor. This course is designed to help the student develop beginning skills in visual and conceptual problem solving. Using the Elements and Principles of Design and Bitmap/Raster graphics techniques, the student will execute both simple and complex Computer Digital Imaging projects. Lectures and hands-on labs will provide the student with an opportunity to develop skills and understanding in the following areas: • basic computer hardware and software commonly used in the field of Digital Imaging including CPUs, input devices, output devices, and storage devices, • basic terms and definitions used by digital designers with particular attention paid to bitmap/raster graphics terminology, • the use of bitmap/raster software for the execution of simple to complex digital imaging, • the use of spot colors, process colors, and gradients in digital imaging, • the stages in the creative process including research, thumbnails, roughs, and comprehensives leading to the development of projects that are conceptually sophisticated, technically proficient, and aesthetically sensitive/pleasing, and COURSE CONTENT: 2/22/2012 Page 1 of 9
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San Antonio College ARTC1302 007 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: • the presentation of design projects to a critical audience as well as the articulation of critical concepts in the evaluation of the work of other designers. A. Use raster graphics techniques: freehand rendering, digital editing and painting tools, compositing, retouching,correcting, effect filters, masking, cloning, styles and parameter settings. B. Combine text and image: layout, design, type outlines, layer effects, contrast from background. Understand bit depth and
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Syllabus(9) - eSyllabus San Antonio College Course:...

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