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eSyllabus San Antonio College ENGL1302 034 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: English AGUILAR, LIZ 2104860650 [email protected] Gonzales Hall - 123 Composition II 77652 3 0 Department: Instructor: Phone: Email: OfficeLocation: Course Title: CRN: Lec. Hrs. per wk: Lab. Hrs. per wk: Credit Hours: Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: ENGL 0301 Reading Basic Skills Prerequisite: READ 0303 Principles and techniques of written, expository, and persuasive composition; analysis of literary, expository, and/or persuasive texts; emphasis on critical thinking. Course Description (e-catalog): Students must earn a “C” or better in ENGL 1301 or its equivalent. PREREQUISITES, CO-REQUISITES and OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Required: Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing by Edgar V. Roberts and Robert Zweig, 10th Edition [ISBN-13: 978-0-205-00036-4]. Strongly Recommended: Dictionary, Thesaurus, and MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers Supplies: Writing Utensils (pen/pencil), paper, required research material (copies), USB/3.5 in. high density disk, and one blue book for final exam TEXTBOOKS (including ISBN#) and REQUIRED MATERIALS/RECOMMENDED READING: Engaging in writing as a process to include prewriting, planning, drafting, revising, and editing. Writing effective essays which use a variety of appropriate rhetorical methods focused by a thesis. Demonstrating awareness of audience, purpose, and occasion. Using critical thinking skills to analyze and discuss literary and non-fiction readings. Utilizing effective patterns of organization to promote unity and coherence. Developing a controlling thesis for writing assignments on varied topics. Refining competency in grammar, mechanics, and vocabulary skills. Accessing credible sources through effective research methods and incorporating relevant information through an accepted documentation format. COURSE CONTENT: Learning Outcome 1: The student will be able to apply the principles of writing as a process, which includes pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing, to produce essays. Performance Objective and Measurement: The student will write a minimum of four essays, including the final exam, that show an understanding of writing as a process. The cumulative total for the essays should be at least 4,000 words. The essays, not including the final exam, will constitute at least 60 percent of the course grade, and minimum competency requirements for the course will be a grade average of 70 or better. Learning Outcome 2: The student will read and understand course materials, including works that address civic responsibility and global awareness, and apply basic principles of critical thinking, such as the analysis and synthesis of ideas from literary STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES / PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: 2/22/2012 Page 1 of 6
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San Antonio College ENGL1302 034 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: and non-fiction sources. Performance Objective and Measurement: The student will demonstrate understanding through examinations, essays, and
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Syllabus(12) - eSyllabus San Antonio College Course:...

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