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eSyllabus San Antonio College SOCI1301 036 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: Sociology SLONAKER, TERRI 486.1333 Chance Academic Center - 303-E Introductory Sociology 75836 3 0 Department: Instructor: Phone: Email: OfficeLocation: Course Title: CRN: Lec. Hrs. per wk: Lab. Hrs. per wk: Credit Hours: Introduction to the concepts and principles used in the study of group life, social institutions, and social processes. Course Description (e-catalog): Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: ENGL 0300 Reading Basic Skills Prerequisite: READ 0302 PREREQUISITES, CO-REQUISITES and OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Schaefer, Sociology: Brief, 9th Edition, McGraw-Hill. ISBN # 9780077586591 soft cover with access code for McGraw Hill Connect TEXTBOOKS (including ISBN#) and REQUIRED MATERIALS/RECOMMENDED READING: Course content will include Sociological theory, culture, socialization, groups and organizations, race, social class and family structure. The objectives of the course are as follows: To study and to learn the basic sociological concepts and theories. To apply the sociological concepts to current events and everyday living. To encourage critical thinking and help the student appreciate the impact of culture and other social relationships on their daily lives. Encourage students’ understanding of the importance of diversity within the United States and the world through the teaching of global awareness. After completion of Sociology 1301, the student should be able to accomplish the following: Define sociology and to apply sociological research methods to the study of human behavior. Define the three major sociological perspectives and identify the major theorists associated with these perspectives. Identify and explain the concepts such as: socialization, culture, status, role, primary and secondary groups, social stratification, crime and deviance, prejudice and discrimination, and social movements. Identify and know the sociological significance of the major institutions, such as the family, religion, and education. Global Awareness: The Department of Sociology promotes global awareness through textbook selection, course presentations, classroom exams, and classroom activities. COURSE CONTENT: 2/22/2012 Page 1 of 9
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San Antonio College SOCI1301 036 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: Upon completion of this course, each student will be able to: (1) perceptively and objectively gather, analyze, and present social and behavioral science research data, draw logical conclusions, and apply those conclusions to one's life and society, (2) recognize cultural issues to better understand the diversity and reality of our American and global society, (3) gain and understanding of - and potential solutions to - current social issues and social problems and apply this knowledge to everyday life. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES / PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES:
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Syllabus(18) - eSyllabus San Antonio College Course:...

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