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Unformatted text preview: eSyllabus Northwest Vista College HIST1301 107 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: Humanities ACOSTA, CARLOS United States History I 71536 3 Department: Instructor: Phone: Email: OfficeLocation: Course Title: CRN: Lec. Hrs. per wk: Lab. Hrs. per wk: Credit Hours: A general survey of United States history from the exploration of America through 1877. It satisfies one-half of the legislative requirement of six semester hours in American History. Semester Hours: (3-3-0) Course Description (e-catalog): Prerequisites: Eligible for Col Level READ; Eligible for ENGL0301 Level PREREQUISITES, CO-REQUISITES and OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Helpful Information: Phone: 210- 486-4863 Office Hours: Monday- Thursday: 8:30-9:30 Tue/Thurs: 12:30-3:30 Live Oak Bldg: 206E Email address: Required Textbooks: Gorn, Elliot. Constructing the American Past. 7th Ed. Vol. I. Hollitz, John. Thinking Through the Past. 4th Ed. Vol. I. TEXTBOOKS (including ISBN#) and REQUIRED MATERIALS/RECOMMENDED READING: General Thoughts: In this course we will explore the nature of American History culture- trying to arrive at an understanding of such questions as what occurred, why it happened, who won and lost, and how it affected people. This class is not to provide answers, but to raise questions as to why events and important periods in American history were so dynamic in society. Sometimes those questions may not fit your perceptions. However you must remember that a function of a college is not to confirm your prejudices but rather to pose significant questions that will cause you to examine intelligently what you believe to be true, rather than acquaint you with the discipline of history. Hopefully, we can move beyond a preoccupation with the facts and consider what it means to be American, why our society is at is, etc. Your responsibility is to read the assignment and be willing to share your thoughts with others about what you read. Another important note - we will be watching film (documentaries), as well as reading other literature to help widen and better understand the material. This will be explained as the semester goes. You must unlearn what you have learned yoda COURSE CONTENT: 2/22/2012 Page 1 of 8 Northwest Vista College HIST1301 107 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: Learning Outcomes: Individual courses are not likely to address all of the outcomes, but it is the hope of the faculty that, when you complete the core curriculum at NVC, you will have formed some ideas in these areas: Attitudes- Behaving with integrity and practice personal and social responsibility Accepting of change, nuance and uncertainty Valuing diversity and differences in people Skills- Communicating effectively (visual, verbal, written and listening) Thinking critically and effectively Cooperative and collaborating effectively Using technology appropriately and effectively Setting goals and assess progress...
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Syllabus(35) - eSyllabus Northwest Vista College HIST1301...

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