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eSyllabus Northwest Vista College PSYC2301 104 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: Social Sciences ANDERSON, JON General Psychology 76531 3 0 Department: Instructor: Phone: Email: OfficeLocation: Course Title: CRN: Lec. Hrs. per wk: Lab. Hrs. per wk: Credit Hours: Survey of major topics in psychology. Introduces the study of behavior and the factors that determine and affect behavior and mental processes. Course Description (e-catalog): Writing Basic Skills Prerequisite: ENGL 0301 Reading Basic Skills Prerequisite: READ 0303 PREREQUISITES, CO-REQUISITES and OTHER REQUIREMENTS: TEXTBOOKS (including ISBN#) and REQUIRED MATERIALS/RECOMMENDED READING: COURSE CONTENT: Objectives/Outcomes: Our college’s commitment to you goes beyond individual course content. To this end, you will have the opportunity to develop and expand your attitudes, skills, and knowledge. At course completion, you will have been exposed to and be able to discuss an overview of the science of psychology. Additionally, you will experience a growth in your desire for lifelong learning, and an increase in your ability to communicate & work with others effectively. Lastly, you will gain a better understanding about what truth is and what truth is not. NVC’s Student Learning Outcomes: Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge Revised Fall 2007 Attitudes – (A1) Practice personal integrity and social responsibility (A2) Commit to lifelong learning and wellness (A3) Accept the reality of change, nuance and uncertainty (A4) Accept the reality of diversity and differences in people and ideas Skills – (S1) Communicate effectively (S2) Cooperate and collaborate effectively (S3) Think critically and creatively STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES / PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: 2/22/2012 Page 1 of 5
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PSYC2301 104 2012 Spring Course: Section: Term: (S4) Use technology appropriately and effectively Knowledge – (K1) Understand how individual disciplines investigate and interpret the world (K2) Become competent in math and statistical methods (K3) Understand how the past has determined our interdependent world We encourage you to look for these ASK Outcomes in your courses at NVC, to ask your instructor how this particular course hopes to address these, and to ask yourself how you plan to grow with regard to these outcomes. You are the one who must manage your growth and learning, and these are important attitudes, skills, and knowledge for you to have a successful life. Our role is to help you with that growth through the courses we offer you, the opportunities to work closely with your fellow students, and the co-curricular services and events at NVC. We hope you will demand excellence from us and from yourself. METHODS OF MEASUREMENT (grade requirements):
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Syllabus(37) - eSyllabus Northwest Vista College Course:...

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