D2L Post for week 1 and 2

D2L Post for week 1 and 2 - to class and having a brief...

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Here is my round robin information along with a few articles i found regarding EMN and how they are changing their business strategy/model so that they can focus on growth within their sector. http://www.icis.com/V2/companies/9145264/eastman-chemical/financial.html http://www.ebstrategy.com/insights/ResearchInsight-eastman.htm If we do end up using either of the above articles then i will make the citation. I have also attached my information from the first week of the round robin for the business analysis. If you need anything more for continuing with the paper, you can either reply here or shoot me an email and i can look for it. As far as this week goes, it would be a good idea to look at the Round robin info before getting
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Unformatted text preview: to class and having a brief idea of what you see with your part of the information and then be able to show/discuss or argue a point with the rest so that we aren't just showing what we found. Last week although we did just show what we got and somewhat discussed what else we needed, by doing the above i believe the round robin will be more efficient and we will be able to get more done in the short time period we get; also it will allow us to plan what we need to do next and assign tasks as to who will be doing what before it is due in 2 weeks....
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