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Steven Miner Engl 102 John Borczon 6/1/11 Cover Letter English 102 is a course that focuses on expanding your understanding of rhetorical aspects of writing through the art of persuasion and by thinking about writing in your discipline/profession. Upon seeing this in the course objectives before even attending a class I could tell that this class would be exactly like the English 101 class I took the term before. I would do the minimum amount of work to get by and still receive a good grade, not really go all out in my writing, or spend quality time on my projects. I soon found out that this assumption about English 102 could not have been any further from correct. From the first week I could tell that this class was going to be different starting with John Borczon. Upon meeting him and getting to know him I found out that he is not just one of those professors does the bare minimum to get by. Over the duration of this course I have learned that Borczon thinks more highly of his students than the students do of themselves. Don’t get me wrong he is very critical but he made you want to be better and put every belief in you that you could do better. The hippie circle, the sentence exercises on the board, and the reading out loud and critiquing of drafts; they all had a specific purpose. They were designed to challenge you as a writer, make you an overall better writer, and I believe the most important thing that I received from this English 102 course is confidence. I now 2
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writer. It may have seemed impractical at the time but all of Mr.Borczon’s crazy tactics and activities have a purpose and I have learned more from his crazy tactics than I have from any other class. From just the free writes you can see how my writing has improved. Starting with the free write titled, “The Most Persuasive Person”, then, “I Thin That I Would Make a Good”, and the last one in the portfolio is, “One Point That I Really Want To Make”. You can tell just by reading these three informal writing how I have gotten better at just getting ideas out of my head and on to paper. I started replacing all of the “blah blah blah’s” with valid information. The last writing attached is the one formal writing titled, “Where’s My Front Tire?”. This is a problem and solution paper and I have to say it is one of the best I have ever written. I put a lot of time in writing this and even had a meeting with the Drexel Writing Center; I am very proud of this piece of work and believe it is a great example of the type of writer I have become. The Most Persuasive Person The most persuasive person that I have ever met is a girl named Alyssia who I have known for just over two years now. I think one other the reasons she is so persuasive would have to be mainly because she is a girl. The one thing about girls 3 and guys is that girls have complete control and could get a guy to do anything they want. Blah blah blah and this is what this girl has done to me. It’s not even that she’s
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Cover Letter - Steven Miner Engl 102 John Borczon Cover...

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