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Steven Miner Miner 1 3/15/2011 Engl 101 Section 003 Sheryl Simons Barcode There are many factors involved when it came to selecting a University to attend. Though it is a very tough and stressful decision for one to make for me it was easy, possibly because I am attending Drexel University, which, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Drexel 86th among all universities of the United States. This is not just because of the coop program or just the business or engineering schools, I believe that Drexel is among one of the top universities in the world due to their innovation and inventions. Drexel’s innovation has started the day the school was opened and still continues today, its students in school or already out of school have made and continue to make a big impact on the world that we live in today. 145 U.S. patents and patent apps have come from this prestigious university and there are many more to come. Innovation has become something that our university is known for; it’s all around us and sometimes we use things everyday that we had no idea were innovated at Drexel University. Although there are numerous inventions and innovations that have come out of Drexel, there is one that to me, that stands out above all of the rest, the barcode. U.S. patent number 2,612,994, the barcode is a method of automatic identification and data collection using a series of lines or bars. It was invented by Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7,1952. Although it was previously Miner 2 patented, Bernard Silver, a Drexel Institute of Technology student is the man behind that barcode we see and use in our everyday lives. I believe that in order for an invention or
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innovation to be successful and or relevant there first needs to be a problem. The problem that Bernard Silver was faced with was grocery store owners wanted Drexel to research a way to automatically read product information during a checkout. The solution was the
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innovation - Steven Miner Engl 101 Section 003 Sheryl...

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