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intro to engr lab - Introduction The purpose behind the...

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Introduction The purpose behind the home Heating System Design labs was to determine the most efficient and least costly way of heating one home. The whole experiment consisted of six weeks and five different labs each having its individual purpose in determining the overall ambition of the lab in it entirety. The first lab the group focused on building a mathematical model that describes the temperature and the change of temperature in both the foam and wooden house. That lab established a control to base the following experiments off of. In just about all of the experiments matlab was used to gather data from our miniature models and formed graphs and table of data. The subsequential lads revealed week by week the most efficient way of heating your home. Week two the group explored the houses thermal resistance, which is how long it take the temperature of the house to raise and cool. The group not only just used the normal house and normal heater it upgraded the heater and then added thermal mass in an attempt to slow the thermal resistance of the house.
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