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MEMORANDUM TO: Lab TA FROM: Steven Miner SUBJ: CAEE210 Structural Engineering Truss Lab 4 The objective of this lab was to test the ability of the students to choose a bridge design involving trusses that will minimize the cost without sacrificing efficiency. Each group consists of three or four people, the first duty of the group was to appoint the officers. The officers for the execution of the laboratory are as follows, captain, Treasurer, secretary, construction material manager, and construction manager. The description of each of the officer titles is in page 2 of the lab. The groups designed bridges made from K’nex pieces as trusses and rivets. The group had to first draw a design that was no longer than 24 inches long and about 4 inches wide. After drawing the design and deciding with one would maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost. Each piece had a different cost value and each group had to list what and how many of each material that they needed to build their bridge. After receiving the materials that were ordered the
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Unformatted text preview: group attempted to build the bridge with the materials that they order, if they were short they must purchase more materials at a higher cost. After building the bridge the group had to make a final design drawing of the actual bridge that they had made. Once all of these tasks were completed the final stage was to test the bridge by adding , weight to the bridge using a hook and a bucket and adding sand to it. Once the bridge is tested and failed the group weighed the max amount of weight that the bridge held up. Our bridge ended up holding about 6.75 pounds including the 1.9 pound bucket and hook. After that the calculations were mad. The cost divided by the load which in the group turned out to be 20414.81. Then the last calculations that were made were the axial load calculations in compression and tension. The compression value was -4.77lbs and the tension value was 3.38 lbs...
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