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Reason for doing this project

Reason for doing this project - when you have cell phone...

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Reason for doing this project With every technology there are always being changes made to improve the functionality of the specific device. The same applies to garage doors; the groups objective was to Incorporate SMS messaging into the activation of a garage door opposed to using garage door remote. This alternative to the RF remote improves the overall functionality and adds new capabilities to this common household device. For a large percentage of people opening and closing the garage door is a task that is performed multiple time a day. There are many benefits to incorporating a cell phones SMS messaging in to the opening and closing of your garage door such as, you can do it from anywhere at anytime
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Unformatted text preview: when you have cell phone service. The average Garage door remotes can only reach up to about 100 ft, so with the SMS messaging forgetting to shut the garage is a lot less of a problem. As for most garage door owners finding the remote is not always the easiest task. Being able to do it with your cellular device is more practical than the traditional remote when considering that people always have their cell phone with them. The SMS controlled garage do can also come in handy when misplacing ones house key. Simply sending a text message to open and close your garage door makes things a lot less complex....
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