Although it is already been six weeks

Although it is already been six weeks - Although it is...

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Although it is already been six weeks, I feel as if the term just started yesterday. Everything is just moving so fast and at this point I am starting to get adjusted to the pace of college. At the start of school I had all of the optimism in the world and I thought that this was going to be easy but I did not know that I was in for such a rude awakening. There is a large amount of work not only in this class but also in the seven other classes that I am taking. However this class I feel is helping me out a lot when it comes to my literacy skills. My grade in this course is nowhere near where I want it to be. I seemed to get off track early and that is why I don’t have nearly the grade that I would like to have. I have to admit that the posting due on Friday and Sunday are a lot and then on top of that you have all of the readings and all of the homework. It is very easy to fall behind and unfortunately I did. At first I thought that there was a lot of work in this class but now that I that I am all caught up and am managing my time a lot better this class is pretty
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