Chapter 20 WrapUp

Chapter 20 WrapUp - Chapter 20 Wrap-Up I. Immigration,...

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Chapter 20 Wrap-Up I. Immigration, Urbanization, Industrialization a. The New Immigration 1890-1914 i. Old Stock vs. New Stock 1. older groups of immigrants were called “old stock” – from mostly Northern and Western Europe 2. New Stock were the new immigrants that were from mostly Southern and Eastern Europe a. New immigrants seemed very different from old stock –most were not Protestant like previous immigrants, and seemed like they would not “assimilate” into the American mainstream b. Italy, Greece, Hungary, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, etc. ii. Push/pull factors 1. Any time historians look at immigration it is important to examine why people leave and what draws them to America (or any other nation) 2. pushes a. often times lack of economic opportunity pushes people out of their country – no land or no jobs – some of this was caused by overpopulation b. religious persecution – especially Jews in Russia who were targeted by the Russian government 3. pulls a. America had jobs, land and opportunity – it might not look like it from the picture pained in the text but overall there was more opportunity in America than any other country b. For the most part it had religious freedom as well iii. Eastern and Southern Europe 1. Ellis Island a. Ellis Island was built to make sure immigrants were suitable for entering America. The massive flood of immigrants made WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestants) nervous. Immigrants had to have some money upon arrival and had go through a physical examination proving that they didn’t have any contagious diseases. b. 97% of all immigrants going through Ellis Island were admitted to America – those that were turned away had to go back home c. one other thing that was different about the immigrant experience than previous eras was the steamship technology – it was cheaper and took less time to immigrate than any other time in American history – therefore it’s no surprise so many came iv. Asian Immigration 1. much fewer Asian immigrants came to the United States but they also
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were looking for economic opportunity and America offered it (push/pulls) 2. Angel Island a. Ellis Island’s west coast counterpart b. Only approximately 70% of those going through Angel Island were admitted to America 3. Asian immigrants were not really welcomed. Racism in California prompted restriction of immigration v. Mexico and French Canadians Urbanization
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Chapter 20 WrapUp - Chapter 20 Wrap-Up I. Immigration,...

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