geologyexam - Big Bang Theory 13.7 billion years old...

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Big Bang Theory 13.7 billion years old *Universe was once extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly *Rapid expansion caused universe to cool * Cooled energy was converted into subatomic particles *[Articles formed atoms—building block of matter *Hydrogen was the first element *With gravity from stars heavier elements synthesized in stars “Cold Dust” Hypothesis Nebular hypothesis 4.6 billion years old Earth Solar system formed from an interstellar cloud and enormate aggregate of gas and dust containing silicates iron compounds carbon compounds and frozen water Transformation to: Sun and planets 1. Gravitational attraction between particles in the clouds caused them to collapse inward (by explosion or collision) 2. Cloud rotating flattened 3. Cloud collapse (mill of yrs) and formed a rotating disk with a bulge at the center-the sun 4. (mill of yrs) dust particles stick together and form planetesimals (sm planet like bodies) over time collide and grew in to larger planets Earth’s Zones State Chemical 1. Crust solid rock oxygen silicon oceanic continental 2. Mantle Upper-lithosphere mostly solid rock magnesium Lower-asthenosphere parts flow slowly 3. Core Inner solid iron nickel Outer Three types of plate boundaries Movement Geological events causes 1. Divergent Move apart Submarine volcanoes, sm earthquakes 2. Convergent Move towards Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis 3. Transform Slide past Sm-lg earthquakes Plate tectonic theory Lithosphere is broken into plates that are in motion, plates move relative to one another
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geologyexam - Big Bang Theory 13.7 billion years old...

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