Middle East final - tionCossack Brigade-OE army commanded...

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tionCossack Brigade-OE army commanded and trained by Russian officers Nasir al-dinshah-Iran economic concessions with Britain Modest military reform Cossack Brigade Corrupt posts to family members Dar-Ul funin-higher institute of learning Strengthened Ulama Assassinated Tobacco Protest Nasir al-dinshah granted British co exclusive right to monopoly over production, distribution and sale of Iranian tobacco Caused mass protest and Ulema issued decree declaring use of tobacco unlawful until concession lifted which he did Eastern Question Policy Iran subject of between Russia and Britain existing as a buffer *acquire state between their interests Dinshway Incident British officers visit to shoot pigeons w/out permission of village headman, antagonized villagers, fire broke out, women was shot, British mauled and 1 died, peasant beaten to death, special tribunal set up to try villagers by British on murder-death, lashings, imprisonment-lifetime and jailings all done publicly Safavids Ruled ended 1736 Profound legacy for Iran Shii religious identity Established most borders Encouraged cultural flowering
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Middle East final - tionCossack Brigade-OE army commanded...

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