Chapter 21 Wrap Up

Chapter 21 Wrap Up - Chapter 21 Wrap Up I....

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Chapter 21 Wrap Up I. “Progressive” Thought and Workers a. 1890-1914 i. The progressive period roughly lasted until World War I ii. Many of the goals of the Populist Party were realized by progressives iii. Progressives were a diverse group of mostly middle class WASPs who had a variety of interests and goals – they can be summarized as follows: efficiency, expertise, order, control, regulation, safety and power to the people b. Social Gospel II. Responses to Stimuli a. Poverty/Filth/Slums i. Settlement Houses 1. poverty bred slums and the spread of disease through overcrowding in the cities. Middle class reformers sought to help make things better by providing education on sanitation and making sure that local governments felt sanitation was an important concept. Settlements houses also sought to help people help themselves through job opportunities, education, etc. ii. Margaret Sanger and Birth Control 1. birth control is an interesting progressive movement. Most of the poor were immigrants who had many children. Poor women couldn’t figure out why middle class and upper class women had fewer children – (it was socially acceptable for them to say no to their husbands – they could always visit prostitutes and there was a belief that women were too fragile for sex). 2. working class immigrant women did not have the luxury to tell their husbands to sleep on the roof (abstain) – and many were having abortions but dying in the process. Margaret Sanger, a nurse, helped many of them but went looking for ways to help them 3. she realized that more children in the industrial age helped breed poverty, so access to birth control would gradually help families support themselves. 4.
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Chapter 21 Wrap Up - Chapter 21 Wrap Up I....

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