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Once the drafts are completed, the students should check to make sure active voice has been used. Active voice All award recommendations will be given to the commanders for careful consideration. The commander will view all award recommendations. The snipers projectile can be recorded in slow motion by high-speed motion picture film. Active The Soldier’s security background was investigated by the unit security officer. The unit security officer investigated the soldier’s security backgrounds.
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Unformatted text preview: All Soldiers who are CAT 4 must go to the dentist. Active The new MWR center will be opened by the post commander in a few days. the post commander will open the MWR center in a few days After a biological attack, you will be told by your platoon leader which method of decontamination to use. Your platoon leader will tell you which method of to use after a bio attack. Artillerymen must take the weather into consideration when trajectories are plotted. Active voice....
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