CEIE360S12 Homework 1-3

CEIE360S12 Homework 1-3 - expressway should the motorist...

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Spring 2012 CEIE 360 – Introduction to Transportation Engineering HW 1 Problems Instructor : Mohan M. Venigalla, Ph.D., P.E. Department of Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Engineering Building, Room 1411, MSN 6C1 Office hours: Wednesday 2:00 – 5:00 PM Phone: (703) 993-1630: mailto: [email protected] Course Web Site: http://mason.gmu.edu/~mvenigal Course TA: Meredith Jackson ( [email protected] ) HW 1 – Due Feb 9, 2012 Unless otherwise specified, all problems are from the required textbook: Principles of Highway Engineering and Traffic Analysis, Fred L. Mannering, SS Washburn, and WP Kilareski. John Wiley and Sons. 2009 The Vehicle and Driver (Chapter 2): 1. Chapter 2 Problems a. 2.27; b. 2.28; c. 2.29; d. 2.30; e. 2.31; f. 2.35; and g. 2.36 2. A motorist traveling at 55 mph on an expressway intends to exit from the expressway using an exit ramp with a maximum allowable speed of 30 mph. At what point on the
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Unformatted text preview: expressway should the motorist step on her brakes in order to reduce her speed to the max allowable ramp speed? Assume that the coefficient of friction between the pavement and the tires is 0.3 and the alignment of this section of the road is horizontal. 3. A motorist travelling at 55 mph down a grade of 5% on a highway observes an accident involving an overturned truck ahead of him which completely blocked the road. If the motorist was able to stop his vehicle 30 ft away from the overturned truck, what distance away from the truck was he when he first observed the accident? Assume a perception reaction time of 2.5 sec and f = 0.3; 4. If the design speed of a multilane highway is 60 mph, what is the min sight distance that should be provided on the road if (a) the road is horizontal and (b) the road has a maximum grade of 5 %? Assume the P-R time = 2.5 sec....
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CEIE360S12 Homework 1-3 - expressway should the motorist...

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