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W2 Accounting Information Systems

W2 Accounting Information Systems - Accounting Information...

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Accounting Information Systems 1 Accounting Information Systems Narciso Astorga, Chee-Chee Manghram, Brandi Murobayashi Rhonda Powell, Tina Schniebs ACC 210 August 30, 2010 Michael Wells
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Accounting Information Systems 2 FedEx Corporation is one of the leading logistics service companies in the world. As its global presence increases and technology becomes more accessible and powerful, FedEx must stay ahead of the curve to keep customers satisfied, and competitors on their toes. In the past 10 years FedEx has made much progress in automating many of their information systems such as invoicing and accounts receivable. They also led the industry in providing online services to their customers, and high-speed mobile devices to their couriers. One of their most notable technological advances was their development of DirectLink. FedEx created DirectLink, a powerful electronic data interchange (EDI) enabling software, to allow customers to download invoices, create reports, export data, and remit payments. Customers can still pay their bills online, over the phone or the traditional way by mailing in payments; however, FedEx encourages customers to sign up for DirectLink because of many advantages it offers (FedEx, n.d.a). DirectLink allows customers to download bills, remit payments online and manage their own account, which is extremely efficient for the customers and the company. For one, electronic invoicing allows FedEx to save money on printing and postage costs. Electronic payments also save time and create less manual work for the company. The AIS validates records and processes payments. With the AIS processing payments, it eliminates the chance of human input error; it also prevents returned check fees. Allowing customers to manage their own account also saves money on call center costs. When customers have questions about their account they can go online and look at their account instead of calling customer service.
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W2 Accounting Information Systems - Accounting Information...

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