Chapter 22 Wrap Up

Chapter 22 Wrap Up - Chapter 22 Wrap Up I. The Roots of...

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Chapter 22 Wrap Up I. The Roots of Imperialism a. Security, Manifest Destiny and the Safety Valve i. One could argue that imperialism was simply the next step of Manifest Destiny – but many others argued that it would be important for American national security (Mahan) ii. The main difference between imperialism and colonialism (in which America was founded) was that America did not export its people to other regions, it transported its ideas and took over business enterprises in order to take advantage of natural resources b. Social Darwinism and the White Man’s Burden i. Social Darwinists believed that they were destined to take over the world – or at least what we would today call third world nations were destined to be taken over by and fall to Euro-Americans ii. Some argued it was even the “White Man’s Burden” (A Rudyard Kipling poem) to help “civilize” and bring capitalism, democracy and education to people that were not fortunate enough to be from Europe or America c. Europeans were doing it i. More and more Americans wanted to prove themselves the equals of Europeans, and their industrial might was quickly demonstrating that it was possible. As European powers expanded into Asia and Africa, America also sought access to the markets and raw materials those regions could offer – plus there was a prestige factor there d. Capitalism and Expanding Markets i. Most would argue the most important reason America became imperialist was because it wanted the expanding markets in order to increase its selling power. The Panic of 1893 really affected all aspects of American society, and the belief that America had no further frontier helped add to the panic that perhaps America was producing more than it could sell – so new markets would solve that problem II. “Outrages” Overseas, the Call for War a. Cuba, Yellow Journalism and the Press
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Chapter 22 Wrap Up - Chapter 22 Wrap Up I. The Roots of...

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