W4 Unethical Behavior Memo

W4 Unethical Behavior Memo - Unethical Behavior Memo Brandi...

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Unethical Behavior Memo Brandi Murobayashi ACT 375 Joseph Kronewitter March 14, 2011
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XYZ Manufacturing Company 1320 17th Avenue Honolulu, HI 96816 Phone: (808) 772-6851 E-Mail: bmurobayashi@gmail.com memo To: Management From: Brandi Murobayashi, Controller CC: Brandon Wilson, CEO   Date: March 14, 2011 Re: Unethical Behavior We are aware of the company’s prior escapades with unethical behavior. After further investigation, we have found that there is a negative atmosphere in the company and we suspect that there may be some unethical behavior occurring. To understand the contents of this memo, one has to understand the fraud triangle. In order for fraud to occur, three factors of the fraud triangle need to be present; motive, rationalization, and opportunity. Removing one or more of the factors in the fraud triangle is the key to fraud mitigation. This memo will briefly examine steps that management can take to help deter fraud. After interviewing several employees we have found that many employees are unmotivated and view their position as a job rather than a career (University of Phoenix, 2011). According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), research has shown that the most common reason employees committed fraud was not because of opportunity but more because of motivation. “The more dissatisfied the employee, the more likely he or she was to engage in criminal behavior” (Wells, 2001, para. 3).
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W4 Unethical Behavior Memo - Unethical Behavior Memo Brandi...

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